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Where Angels Fear To Tread Pt. 1

Borderlands 2 Guide – Where Angels Fear To Tread Pt 1

where angels fear to tread

It’s now time to set the vault hunters’ plans into motion and hit the bunker to retrieve the Vault Key. Find Claptrap to convince him to travel to Thousand Cuts. The little robot actually more enthusiastic about helping than you would think. Convinced Jack has been after him this whole time, Claptrap is more than happy to bring the jerk down with you. He speeds off to Thousand Cuts and so should you.

You’ll need to fight through some of the Slabs in order to reach Claptrap. Head south then east to reach Bloody Knuckles Point. As soon as you step into the area the battle begins. Loaders will start crashing to the ground and Slab bandits will start pouring out of their shacks to fight back. Fight through the bandits and loaders, but don’t be concerned about taking out every last one of them. Enemies will continue to generate, so after getting a few kills get to the objective marker while the two enemies fight each other.

where angels fear to tread


Find Claptrap near the barrier and talk with him. He leads you up to the barrier and passes right through, also forgetting once again you’re not a Hyperion robot and the barrier could kill you. He quickly deactivates the barrier, so the two of you can continue the climb up the bunker. A physical barrier will be blocking your path not far up the road. Brick will send a few buzzards to blow the barrier apart, creating a massive explosion that, well, makes Claptrap disappear. He’s not dead, but you won’t be seeing him around for the rest of the mission.

Keep fighting up the road and make sure you have some corrosive weaponry for the loaders. More importantly it will also be for the armored Hyperion soldiers as well. When you come to the second gate you will have to contend with a constructor as well. Pu those corrosive weapons to good use. After clearing out bots continue your way up the road. Mortar targets will appear on the ground not far into your climb. Run and avoid the targets. There are only a couple actual enemies on the road, so don’t concern yourself with them and keep running.

You’ll eventually get out range of the mortar fire and come to a large gate which will lead you further up the road. Unfortunately, the gate is closed. Brick suggests destroying the turrets protecting the gate to open them. A few hits with a powerful rocket launcher should do the trick. Several bots and soldiers will come through to try to stop you. Once they’re dealt with continue through the gate you’ll be met by more resistance, this time in the form of a badass constructor.

where angels fear to tread


Climb the steps to the base and take cover under the overhang to avoid its heat seeking missiles. The steps leading up to the badass loader are going to be on the left side of the lower balcony. When you reach the upper deck stay away from the center of the balcony where the constructor is stationed. Use the side wall as cover to peak over and land a few shots on the constructor at time. If you have a corrosive rocket launcher taking it down shouldn’t be an immense challenge.

where angels fear to tread


With the constructor gone head to where it was sitting and collect the loot it dropped. A set of steps will lead you away from the balcony and into a few Hyperion soldiers. Take them out and continue towards the bunker. Before you do another set of steps will lead you to an overlook filled with ammo chests, a weapons locker and a weapons chest for you to loot. return to the path and head towards the bunker. It will be across a narrow bridge. Before you enter Brick informs you he’ll be sending some buzzards to help you attack the bunker. It’s time for the full assault on the bunker. Prepare your self and head inside.




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