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GTA V PC Release

Update 2: GTA V has released on PC and is available through our friends at GameFanShop. You can get 15% (And help Non-Fiction Gaming) By using the coupon code NFGLIVE.

Update: Rockstar Games have pushed back the release date of GTA V PC release to April 14th 2015

A petition to Rockstar asks for a GTA V PC release, a Reddit user claims to be Beta Testing a PC build already with supporting screenshots. Rockstar keeps tight lipped as per usual.

Console gamers have given Grand Theft Auto V a massive opening weekend. With an estimated development cost between 100-200 Million, GTA V has reportedly brought in more than $800 Million in the first week.

‘Elitist’ PC gamers feeling left out in the cold have little to do but twiddle their thumbs and sign a petition. There has traditionally been a 5-8 month gap between console and PC releases from GTA III onwards.

Toronto gamer, Mike Julliard is tired of waiting and has launched a petition requesting Rockstar to bring out the GTA V PC Release as soon as possible. The petition already has over 540,000 signatures at the time of writing and continues to grow in popularity.

GTA PC Release Petition
But will Rockstar listen?

The petition itself touches on PC being the most powerful platform and the power of modding that has gone along with it in the past.

In August this year, Ubisoft bowed to public interest to have Tom Clancy’s The Division release on PC, having originally only slated it for an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version.

Speaking of a GTA V PC release, Reddit user DevBuild claims to have leaked images of a GTA V PC Beta build. Without an official comment or any proof we can only assume this is someone looking for attention. But just in case, here are some of the pictures.

GTA V PC Release
Not totally convinced
GTA V PC Release
Will just have to wait

We asked Rockstar if they had any comment regarding a GTA V PC release, the petition and the alleged ‘DevBuild’ tester but they haven’t responded.

Be sure, if you haven’t already; check out the GTA V Official Trailer. See what features are available through GTA Online. GTA V is currently available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Have you had a chance to jump into the world of Los Santos yet or are you waiting for a GTA V PC release? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


  1. the picture is obviously fake.. if he had pc version he would have GTA V icon with other games below, he would have GTA V on top of the picture, and he would show start bar.. and there’s photoshop on top of the screen, and how could you believe this?

  2. That could be a legit screenshot done by connecting a console to a TV Tuner card or an HDMI input, which would be obvious if the taskbar was there. I don’t buy that it’s a legit PC version of the game.

  3. Pretty fake, theres a photoshop icon there, and evenmore he have the games by the botton of the screen and there isnt any GTA V, that looks like a movie player since the window dont have title

  4. who the fuck believes this shit. at least press ESC and let us see if there is video options if its TRULY pc. this is just some video playing of gameplay.

  5. Daemon tools icon on desktop, torrent application trainers, games folder (obvious pirate here) and PHOTOSHOP Icon… Obviously a fake. not to mention the window doesn’t even look legit. Also no taskbar. He has fraps but isn’t recording the gameplay on “pc” with it? Okay…

  6. I can tell you right now thats a screen capture card he’s using and fraps to capture the video from the port of a xbox or ps3 console, also ask yourself whys the start bar missing on purpose or a coincidence he has it hidden which I doubt because you can see some of it still when it hidden you don’t see some of it. , this is fake and my friend works at best buys and he said it’s coming out November 22nd but most likely march 2014.

  7. This is obviously fake, hes using a capture card and xbox or ps3 console they only made it 720p and you can tell by the size and graphics its console. See the creative capture folder to the right CreativeAlcamy gave it away, nice try you noobski russian.

    • hmm… am i missing something here? the windows look questionable, but as for the rest its all conjecture. isnt CreativeAlchemy something to do with audio anyway OpenAL maybe? i cant remember.

      Also the dude could have hidden the taskbar…

      Just sayin’

      • He hid it on purpose this is a fake, there is emulators out there that will play the game from a ps3 and xbox 360 emu.
        The guy is using the creative software it is a capture card requirement to have Creative Alchemy

  8. Looking at the standard resolution in those images, the lack of AA, the lack of AF and the textures, shaders and view distance being IDENTICAL to the console version. I call bullshit.


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