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Guild Wars 2 Releasing Twilight Assault Next Week



Guild Wars 2 has been out for more than a year and brought in millions of players into the world of Tyria. Dedicated players have been treated to several bi-weekly content updates to add more to the world. And, next Tuesday players will be getting even more content to play through.

On September 24, NCSoft and ArenaNet released a statement for the upcoming ‘Twilight Assault’ content update. The new campaign brings you back to Caithe, the sylvari hero and thief, to investigate troubles in the Caledon Forest. New quests and several dungeons will be open to explore. A new level 80 track in the Twilight Arbor area will also open up for high level players to further improve their already powerful characters.

The press release also announced the first season of a new World v. World competition. Starting October 4 through November 21 players can compete with another across worlds to see which world will come out on top. In addition more achievements, Exotic Nightmare weapons and Aether Chests will become available to conquer and collect.

And if you’re completely new to the game this weekend is the perfect time to do so. NCSOFT and ArenaNet are offering a free trial for Guild Wars 2 this upcoming weekend, which will last from September 27 to October 4. As an incentive for newcomers to continue playing after the free trial, NCSOFT and ArenaNet are holding a sale for the game at its lowest price. The heroic edition will be available for $31.99 also starting on September 27, but going until October 7.

Guild Wars 2 will also be present at the Eurogamer Expo 2013. Lead game designer for ArenaNet, Mike Zadoronjy, will be giving his presentation on ‘Living Worlds’ today at 4pm UK time over on Eurogamers YouTube channel. There will also be some previewed content from ‘Twilight Assault’.

I haven’t been paying much attention to Guild Wars 2, but it’s nice to see this game is still going strong. With new content, a free trial period and discount for newcomers gamers have plenty of reason to come back, or be introduced to one of the most highly awarded MMOs.


NCSOFT and ArenanNet press release




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