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Side Quest – Clan War Wakey Wakey

clan war wakey wakey

With the burning of their homes the Hodunks are eagerly looking for revenge on the Zafords. And they know to hit them where it hurts. The Zafords are having their annual wake for Mick’s dead son Lucky. Of course you can’t get in until you get nice and drunk. In the words of Jimbo, go to Moxxi’s bar and get wasted.

clan war wakey wakey


Take in three fine pints of lager at Moxxi’s and head back to the Highlands and the Holy Spirits. The rest is simple. Find a safe spot to take cover and open fire on everyone in the bar. It may be rough, but with the right equipment and spamming your special ability you should be able to take them down with ease.

With the massacre complete, this war has finally reached its boiling point. Head back to Ellie for your reward and prepare for the final showdown between these two might clans.

Clan War Wakey Wakey REWARD:

Item: random handgun and shield

Experience: 3208



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