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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Won’t Get Fooled Again

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gutter brothers

After Claptraps party it’s time to take care of some serious business in Sanctuary. A murder has occurred in the midst of the attack on Sanctuary. You’ll find the body of Justin MacReady,  Marshall Friedman, and the suspects all in the alley near Marcus Kincaid’s shop. The marshal needs your help identifying the suspect. Of course the four suspects are the Gutter quadruplets, making pointing the finger that much harder.



You identify and shoot the killer immeadiately if you wish, but if you want to be a real detective you’ll need to question Friedman, Dr. Zed and Moxxi to find the real murderer. Friedman doesn’t give you much other than the fact MacReady was killed with a single shot. Moxxi mentions the Gutter brother came to her place looking for a safe haven, but she quickly fired on him. His shield took the first bullet, but the last one hit him. Visit Zed and he informs he healed up the brother.

barlo gutter[]

Return to the scene with the clues you have and make your accusation. If you pick the wrong one the real killer will get away. Don’t worry though because you’ll still recieve your reward for the job. But, we want justice, so I’ll mention the real killer. It’s Barlo Gutter with the sniper rifle and the shield, in the alley way. A job well done, even though I gave you the answer.


Money: $165

Experience: 1305

Item: random blue rarity pistol

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