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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Train to Catch Pt.2

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bandit camp

Main Quest – A Train to Catch Pt.2

We’re on the search for the explosives for Tiny Tina’s missiles. Infiltrating the bandit camp isn’t going to be easy as its loaded with resistance. Not only will you be dealing with innumerable bandits, but also several buzzards will appear over head at times.

The first explosive to your right. While it looks easy to reach, it’s going to take some time traversing the rafters. When you enter the camp there will be a set of stairs to your left. Follow those up and find your way through the maze of stairs, aisles and walkways. You’ll find it on a table next to a bandit shack.

Tina's Workshop

The next one will be found in the east corner of the camp. The explosive is on the ground, so jump down the rafters and simply walk your way over to the explosive. Realistically it won’t be a walk in the park. Expect plenty of resistance from goliaths, marauders and more buzzards. Once you pick up the last explosive, enemy resistance should stop.

With explosives in hand, head back to Tiny Tina’s workshop and hand her the explosives. Step out of her workshop and she’ll build some badass missiles for the mission. When she is done pick up the missiles and head west to the firing platform.

launch pad[]

You’ll come to a bridge that will lead you into the bandit camp. You’ll need to fight off a few bandits before you reach the platform. The launch area is up a ladder on top of one of the bandit camp buildings. Set up the missiles then arm both, while Tiny Tina prepares to launch. She launches the missiles before the train can even arrive, destroying the bridge and the train. Not exactly a hijacking, but the job is done.

destroyed bridge[]

Head down to the wreckage below and climb the bridge to the train wreck. Time to steal that Vault key for the Crimson Raiders.

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