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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Train To Catch Pt.3

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Train wreckage

Main Quest – A Train To Catch Pt.3

When you reach the wreckage area you’ll come across a pair of vending machines. Make a pit stop there and pick up some supplies before continuing forward. Follow the canyon trail and the wreckage to work your way to the train car with the Vault key.

Hyperion loaders will do everything they can to stop you as you push forward. The loaders are also damaged, so the fight shouldn’t be too difficult. Just be prepared for numerous loaders about mid-way through the canyon. They’ll be assisted by some repair bots so take them out to prevent them from healing the loaders.

At the end of the canyon you’ll come to a clearing over-looking the tundra. You’ll see the train car that holds the Vault key with the green aura around it. As you approach the car it pushes its way up out of the ice and is tossed at you. The Vault key isn’t here, but Wilhelm is more than happy to make an appearance.


Boss: Wilhelm

Wilhelm is loaded with firepower and he can spawn repair bots like it’s his job. Take out the repair bots to prevent Wilhelm from regenerating his shield. Explosive and corrosive weapons will work best against the massive robot. He’ll bring loaders in to assist him, but much like the loaders you met in the canyon they’re highly damaged as well.

Clear them out and return your focus towards Wilhelm. Use everything you have and you’ll take down the mechanized monstrosity. With Wilhelm dead take his power core and bring it back to Sanctuary.

You may not have found the Vault key, but at least you can provide the town of Sanctuary with more protection. Bring the power core to Lt. Davis and he’ll reward you for the immense help you’ve provided to Pandora and Sanctuary.


Money: $49

Experience: 3500

Item: random relic

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