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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags

Borderlands 2 Guide

Your final side quest out in Three Horns Valley is on the bounty board near the Happy Pig Motel. It turns out people/bandits in the area haven’t been receiving their mail. Turns out the usual mail courier is “physically” unable to work. Wonder how that happened. Now it looks like they’ll need your help to deliver the rest of the mail.

You’ll find the packages on top of the bus nearby. You’ll have one minute and thirty seconds to complete the task. You can FAIL this mission if it’s not completed in time. It won’t be permanent, but you will need to start from the beginning if that should happen.

So you can save some time bring a light runner near the bus with the mail. As soon as you snatch the mail off the bus, make a dash to your vehicle as the timer starts ticking. Drive the mail west towards a the dock town off in the distance. This place is crawling with bandits so delivering all five pieces of mail is going to be a challenge.

Borderlands 2 Guide[]

This is the quickest method in accomplishing the task. The bandits will slow you down and make things incredibly difficult, so failure is likely. Should this happen, don’t run back to bounty board and start over just yet. Wipe out the bandits in the dock town first, then start the mission again. Without any bandits disrupting you, finishing the task should be easy. Just keep running to each objective and hit each mailbox in the order described below.

The first mailbox is near the house on the south side of the little town. Continue following the dock to the right to reach the second mail box. It’ll be the one marked to the far north closest to you.

Borderlands 2 Guide

You’ll find it tucked away to the right of a blue house at the end of a dock. Turn around quickly to reach the third mail box. Follow the dock, but take a right instead when you reach the end. Take another right at the flight of steps and follow them until you reach the mailbox. There will be a gun chest next to the mailbox.

Hop down or take the steps and continue west for a short distance. Follow the right and continue north. Take the next right on the dock. You’ll see a flight of steps at the end. Follow them and mailbox number four will be in your sights.

Hop down from the balcony you’re standing on to the dock below. Head south then take a right at the steps follow the dock until you come to the final mailbox at the southwest marker.

Head back to the bounty board to obtain your reward. You did good, just don’t expect to deliver mail again.


Money: $62

Experience: 967

Item: Random assault rifle or random grenade mod

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  1. Get a car with the rockets. Head toward the mail village.
    Kill all the skags. Doo loopties so they come out. Make sure you kill them all because you are going to be on foot and they are MUCH worse on foot.
    Park the car at the first green mailbox.
    Run back to the mail job, get the job, get on top of the bus and get the mail.
    Now run to the catch-a-ride and teleport to the car which you have left at the first mailbox. This shaves off some serious time incase you run into one of the large HTK psychos.
    Hit the first box right in front of you.
    Run to the right and jump on the dock, take a left on some other docks and hit the boathouse that is furthest to your right or straight ahead.
    You know you are going the right way if you have to walk around a large useless locker. Mailbox is hidden from sight on far side of the boathouse.
    Third one is tricky there are two stairs up that look similar. You want the middle set that goes up twice. Mailbox is hard right at top of stairs. Not stairs with ladder. (hope that makes sense)
    From there jump down and head to the first set of stairs tht go up twice that looked similar.
    Go up and up and that is the second box that you could see when you got out of the car.
    Then head far all the way to the other side. Big psychos were here for me but no one else mentioned it. Mailbox sitting there straight ahead as you turn left.
    There wasn’t any real impressive weapons that I saw. By now you should be in the 50’s or better and they don’t offer anything like that here so feel free to skip the time consuming harvesting, unless you want tons of free ammo.


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