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Borderlands 2 Guide:Side Quest-Cult Following:The Enkindling

effigy 1 Cult Following: The Enkindling

This is your final Cult Following mission. Incinerator Clayton says the Enkindling is approaching. Apparently it’s big ceremony with a lot of people burning (I mean what else would you expect from these guys).

To get things started Clayton wants you to light three effigies in the area to let the rest of the Children of the Firehawk know the Enkindling is about to begin. The first effigy is next to Clayton’s hut. Use an incendiary weapon to ignite the effigy and get the ball rolling.

effigy 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling



The second effigy is close to the entrance of Frostburn Canyon. Follow the path back to the entrance, but this time when you reach the split in the road follow the right path leading to the cliff above the entrance. The effigy is in the middle of a bandit camp with plenty of resistance between you and the totem. There are several bandits and a few spiderants guarding the area. If you can get a shot off at the effigy before things get too intense you leave and let the spiderants and bandits duke it out themselves. Or if you’re the bloodthirsty type stay for the fight before moving on to the third effigy.

Head east to the frozen pond in front of the entrance to the Firehawk’s lair. Up on a small cliff above the pond you’ll see the third effigy. You’ll need to fight a few bandits to reach it, but they should be easy to handle. If you’ve been following this you should be a few levels above them. It’s taking place in Ashmouth Camp, so the best way is to go through the Firehawk’s lair once again. Given this is the third time you’ve been through here, you should know your way around and what you’re dealing with.

ashmouth Cult Following: The Enkindling


Once you reach Ashmouth Camp Incinerator Clayton will be camped out below near the huts and a huge bonfire. Clear the bandits before talking to him. When he’s done saying his piece, hit the switch to the left of him to offer up the “heathens” for sacrifice. Turns out they aren’t just killing each other; the sacrifices come from sanctuary. So much for thinking of them as a self destructive cult.

 lilith 2 Cult Following: The Enkindling


Lilith swoops in to save the day, but you’ll still need to kill Clayton and the rest of his followers. Use your ability and the best weapons you’ve got to start killing them while Lilith saves the hostages. Clayton should be your main target and should be relatively easy to kill. With all of them dead, Lilith decides to retire her goddess status. And the people are thankful for you saving their lives…a little too thankful.

Head back to Sanctuary to receive your reward. It’s a lot of hard work serving a god so you deserve it.

Cult Following: The Enkindling – REWARD:

Experience: 1450

Item: Random shield

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