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Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC Review

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I never felt more creative with gameplay choices then when I play Dishonored. The ability to take on a situation in any manner has been amazing.  With the new Dishonored Dunwall City Trials DLC I’m now finding myself thinking far outside the box.

The DLC provides players with 10 different challenges to test your Dishonored skills. Each one falls under one of four different game types: puzzle, action, stealth or mobility. Each one utilizes the different skills from the game. Sometimes many of the powers and weapons will be available to you, while other challenges will leave you with limited abilities available. But don’t think this will make you any less creative.

burglar mansion[]

These limitations force you to become more creative in order to accomplish your set of goals. The stealth challenges leave you with only a set amount of powers needed for stealth. More importantly, you need to keep killing and unconscious bodies to a minimum. In the burglar challenge you can only kill three guards before you’re booted from the challenge.

While limitations may exist in each challenge, the environments in each situation create options for the player very similar to the game’s main campaign levels. The puzzle challenges do this to the greatest effect. One of them has you killing a specific number of enemies in set amount of time using the power Bend Time. This means shooting down speakers, tossing whale oil tanks into groups of enemies and using whatever tools you have available.

bend time challenge[]

The only challenge I didn’t find all that entertaining was an action in which you need to hit whale oil tanks out of the air. It’s difficult to aim and more often than not you’ll die before amassing a reasonable amount of points.

There’s a leader board where you can compare your score with those online and earn prizes for setting high scores, which keeps players coming back to Dunwall City Trials to improve their scores and earn more art for the gallery. You can also unlock expert modes for some of these challenges if you’re really looking for a tough fight.


This add-on doesn’t bring much more depth to the game, but it offers Dishonored players more to do and, I think, will have more people playing the game more often. With the immense amount of creativity these challenges allow the player and the rewards involved takes a two-time replayable game to one that gamers will be addicted to. Also, I should mention it’s only $4.99. That ‘s right all of this for only $5.

I highly recommend to those owners of Dishonored to pick the Dunwall City Trials DLC. It truly makes the game that much better and much more enjoyable.



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