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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – No Vacancy

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Before you run off to save Roland there’s a little bit of unfinished business in Three Horns Valley. The Happy Pig Motel is located in the center of the valley and has been abandoned for some time. Head toward the defunct bounty board nearby and pick up the ECHO recorder. The bloody screams of the townsman left on the recorder shouldn’t leave much to the imagination as to what happened here. Scooter comes over the radio and explains how the Bloodshots ransacked the place. He mentions that the bounty board can be turned back on by simply activating the steam pump nearby.

Head over to the pump and hit the switch. It doesn’t work either. Scooter recommends you scavenge parts from the other pumps in the surrounding area. You can find the steam valve in the bandit camp just west of your location. The valve is at the very top of the pump. Hop up on to the dumpster next to the pump, then shoot the ladder above you to have it slide down to you. Climb to the top and nab the valve from the pump.

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The bandits aren’t very pleased you stole their valve and make it known by coming out of their hovels. Maintain the high ground and stay on top of the pump. Rain death from above with an assault or sniper rifle and toss some grenades for good measure. When the areas clear hop down and continue looking for those other parts.

Head southwest to find the steam pump with a working capacitor. Several skags are guarding the area. Clear the pests from the area and and open up capacitor door. The skags in the area have eaten the hell out of it and as soon as you open the door a pack of them will start attacking you. Kill the hounds to get one of them to spit it back up. Once the area is cleared you’ll find the capacitor on the ground.

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The last part is the gearbox. You can find it on the steam pump close to the entrance to Three Horns Divide, which is located to the southeast. The pump is covered in ice. You’ll need to get through a badass bullymong before you take the gearbox from the pump.Use your best weapons and your ability to take down the sucker. He’ll drop the gearbox once he’s dead and you can pick up it up.

Head back to the Happy Pig Motel and begin replacing the parts to the pump. When all the parts are back in place return to the switch and turn that sucker on. Go back to the bounty board and claim your reward for returning power to the area.


Money: $124

Experience: 967

Item: random player skin

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