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Steam Just Gets Better and Better

Everyone knows the digital downloading service Steam. If you’re a PC gamer, or any kind of gamer for that matter, you have heard of the program. From the programs deals to being run by one of the most brilliant developers out there Steam has garnered quite a bit of success since it release. As of right now things are only getting better for the program.

Just this weekend Steam rose from its 5 million concurrent users to 6.05 million users, making the total the highest user mark the program has accomplished to date. Much of this is due to its recent Autumn Sale this past weekend. Games like X-COM: Enemy Unknown, Dishonored, and Borderlands 2 were sold at fractions of their original pricing make them easy pickings for frugal gamers.

Thus far the biggest games being played by users are Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Civilization V and Dota 2 is leading the numbers with 166, 753 players currently.

The company now has well over 50 million users and has continued to bring in both triple-A and independent games alike. With the companies new Steam Greenlight program has added even more games, especially independent ones, to the service’s website.

If you missed the Autumn Sale, don’t fret. With the holidays around the corner you can expect more of that 30%-50% goodness. Steam still knows how to do it right and looks like they will for a long time.


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