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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Do No Harm

Borderlands 2 Dr Zed

Today, you’ll be visiting Sanctuary’s Doctor. Don’t worry he is an old friend of the vault hunters. It’s everybody’s favorite unlicensed doctor, Dr. Zed.

Zed’s office is only a short walk away from Claptrap’s hideout. Simply walk south from the robot’s home and his office will be on the right. You’ll find the doctor trying to cure a patient (if you consider jamming a needle into an individual medically sound). Approach Dr. Zed to receive the task. He is going to need your help with said patient on the stretcher.

 Borderlands 2 Dr Zed[]

Now, his method with handling the patient may not be ethical, but it’s a Hyperion soldier who crept his way into town, so it’s okay if you lose him. Perform the surgery on the crazed man to find out what has caused him to go mad. Simply approach patient and use your melee attack to perform the surgery. Needless to say the man dies in the process, but you also come to find his ailment was caused by some eridium he had ingested.

It’s only an eridium shard so it can’t be used at Crazy Earl’s shop until it’s refined. Zed suggests taking it to Tannis. Yep, good old crazy Tannis from the last game. You can find her in Roland’s house and she’s just as insane as ever, but she is still going to be helpful in your journey. She’ll take the shard off your hands and will give your reward for the, albeit messy, help you’ve offered.


Money: $111

Experience: 395



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