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New Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial Videos Help Guide New Players

Stronghold Kingdoms looked like a great game when I first saw it on Steam. I love real time strategy games and having one in a MMO style of play I thought it would be a ball to play. But unfortunately with the lack of any real tutorial I got lost in a miasma of confusion and ignorance that the game failed to hold my interest. Thankfully, FireFly Studios is finally offering some guidance for all of the lost souls wandering around medieval Europe.

Firefly Studios recently posted several new Stronghold Kingdoms tutorial videos to YouTube for those players who are new to the game, or like myself, just completely lost as to how interact with the game. The most recent video, ‘What is Stronghold Kingdoms?’, helps the player to understand what the core objectives and gameplay are presented in an understandable manner.

This is where Starks live.


Other tutorial videos show players how to deal with combat and enemy AI, producing resources and exploring the game world. Each one shows you the basics so you can eventually become a master of the game. Want to learn how to track enemies? There is a video for that. Want to maximize your stashes? Yep, there is video for that. Want to prevent another plague from happening? Yo…video. With Stronghold Kingdoms application of the harsh medieval era realities, new player need all of the help they can get.

For those of you who are looking for help in the game you can view all of the Stronghold Kingdoms tutorial videos at Firefly Studios YouTube channel here.

Stronghold Kingdoms is free-to-play so if you haven’t started playing I recommend joining this MMO RTS. Even if you don’t like it, that is the genius of free-to-play. Now that I have an extra hand I think I may make return to my, probably now destroyed village, and attempt to become a power house in the kingdom. Hopefully.



Firefly Studios YouTube Channel

Stronghold Kingdoms Official Site



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