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8 Franchises That Would Make Great Lego Video Games

Lego Video Games

With the upcoming release of LEGO Lord of the Rings, this is just one more famous movie franchise that has the privilege of been made into a LEGO video game. It got us thinking here at NFG what other films would make great LEGO video games. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below what movies, books or franchises you would like made into LEGO video games.

Mr Port:

The Avengers

I think I’d like to see an Avengers LEGO video game, but only provided they supported four player co-op and made it something like Castle Crashers; a crazy frantic orgy of equal parts violence, laughter and Hulk.

Lego video games

I Originally thought I’d like to have one of my many fantasy novels or movies adapted into LEGO style, but quickly realised that would essentially become a bastard hybrid of Harry Potter and Final Fantasy, and that’s just not right. Final Fantasy deserves better

Matthew Reilly

However, I thought about something better; adapting any of the Matthew Reilly novels into a LEGO/sprite version. It would play as a really insane Battletoads or Metal Slug homage and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that?

Ion Squared:

The Matrix

LEGO: The Matrix! The movie that defined cinema for the next decade! Well… Not really but we’re still seeing the effect of its rampant use of colour filter everywhere. I don’t think I need to mention Bullet-Time. Either way I think LEGO Matrix would be amazing, taking the often deathly serious characters of the films and putting its own comedic spin on them would be great to see.

Lego Video Games
LEGO Video Games usually have some facial expression.

Just imagine the lobby scene re-done Lego style. Not only would Lego lend itself well to a destructible environment like that but having the security guards arms and legs popping off left and right would be downright hilarious.


Alternately give me LEGO: X-Men. I watched the cartoons fanatically in the 90s and even got into the comics for a while. With such a vast universe of characters to choose from this really is a no-brainer… In saying that I think people would play this for one reason alone. To see Wolverine pop Cyclops’ head off once and for all.

Will B:

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

I’ve never actually played a ‘LEGO’ game so I’m not entirely sure what the grab is of these games is. I can only imagine just how much fun a LEGO-man ‘Fus-ro-dah’-ing a Lego dragon would be. Skyrim with destructible LEGO landscapes would be out of this world – I’d totally lay waste to the Imperial capital.

Lego Video Games

Matty D:

While it is impossible on all levels conceivable to top the joy of repeatedly bashing short round into little sparkly pieces in LEGO: Indiana Jones, one LEGO spin off may just bring about a similar, personal, euphoria.

The Venture Bros

Namely, a LEGO: The Venture Bros. True, it won’t sell and yes, there would be no fixed storyline but the idea of a show, rich in cynicism and depravity, being portrayed though the medium of jolly little yellow men, speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Venture Bros

That and henchman genocide.

In fact, the idea would promise a game knee-deep in frantic combat and adventure which, needless to say, embodies all that is the LEGO gaming franchise. I envision the player taking the reins of Brock Samson as he mercilessly shatters legions of Monarch henchmen or making the sweet, plastic block- man love to a female NPC.

It would be the most gloriously violent and sexually charged LEGO title on the market to date, that is, until LEGO: The Bible hits the shelves.


Without going into how much I’m dreading Lego characters that can actually talk in the upcoming LEGO: Lord of the Rings there are a few great franchises that could do with getting added to a list of Lego video games.

Back to the Future

When you hear the music from Back to the Future (BttF) tingles and jingles of excitement run through your body until you let it out with a, “GREAT SCOTT!”. Well, it does if you are anything like me. Back to the Future has most of the elements needed to create a great LEGO game.

BttF has a fun story with a range of colourful characters and clothing. Much like the Lego Star Wars series BttF also has some cool sci fi that would look great in LEGO. Throw in some racing or flying sections with the Delorean and Hover-Board.

Lego Video Games
Don’t need roads where we’re going.

There are enough wonderful locations that level/set designs have enough to work with.

The Back to the Future franchise was recently continued through an episodic point and click adventure but I want to be taken BACK to fun of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Einstein battling the forces of Biff, and his ancestors. Back to the Future is the perfect franchise to turn into a LEGO video game. But only if the Lego characters can’t talk.


The Aliens series would be hard to do but that’s why I want it. LEGO always find a fun child safe way of showing the dark horrors of everything (including Jar Jar Binks).

I’m not sure what the different characters abilities would be apart from flail around madly and have aliens pop out of their chests. So perhaps this game would actually be better played swapping between the point of view of Ripley and the Alien. This way you can tear into little plastic men and women exploding them into plastic studs. The boss battle with the alien queen and the mecha suit Ripley wears is awesome in pretty much every game and must be created in the world of LEGO.

Which one of your favourite franchises have we missed from our list? Let us know in the comments below which franchise you would like to see become a LEGO video game.




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