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Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Claptrap’s Secret Stash


Before you go searching for Roland, you may want to get better acquainted with the town of Sanctuary and its citizens. Many of them will be old friends from the last game and none of them have lost their touch. These next few posts will revolve around these quests. You’ll want to be as prepared as you can before your hunt for Roland.

The first individual you should catch up with is Claptrap. After your excursion through Three Horns it will be good to catch up with the little robot. Also, he’ll show you one of the most essential aspects of trading guns.

You can find Claptrap on the north side of town tucked away in a small alcove full of junk. He flags you down as you get closer looking to show you his awesome stash. Talk to him to get things rolling.

He mentions the stash is very far away from his position and proceeds to set out a list of ridiculous tasks for you to accomplish in order to find his secret loot. I know it sounds daunting, but you can do this.

Borderlands 2
Seen here through a powerful scope.


Actually, his secret stash is right behind you and even worse, it’s empty. While this may be disappointing, there is an up side in all of this. You can place four weapons in the locker, which can also be used by other characters you’ve created. Find an awesome sniper rifle for Zero while playing as Axton? Throw it in the locker and pick it up later as Zero to get these weapons you don’t have in that playthrough.

Simply return to Claptrap for the reward to this simple quest. If you found this quests simplicity sickening, have no fears we’ll be paying a visit to the doctor next time.


Money: $124

Experience: 96



  1. So, say I’ve got a save with Zero, just after you get to Three Horns on Clap’s boat, and one where Sanctuary’s just gone up in the air with Axton and I leave 4 items in the locker, when I get to Sanctuary with Zero and I do this mission I’ll get theM?


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