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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest -The Road to Sanctuary Part 2

Grab a light runner from the nearest Catch-A-Ride station to start searching for Corporal Reiss. Follow the road south to the objective marker and Reiss’s last known location. As you make the approach the area it looks like the news can’t be good. You see the wreckage of what appears to be Reiss’s technical truck. Several bullymongs begin swarming you, so take them with the powerful guns on your car before hopping out to search the area.

When the bullymongs are all dead begin your search. You’ll find an ECHO recorder in the middle of the road left by Corporal Reiss. He’s been hit hard by the Bloodshots and is going to attempt to lose them in the Marrowfields. It seems the bloodshots are hunting him down for a power core he stole from them. Roland needs you to make sure Reiss is okay and the power core is recovered.

You’ll need to head out on foot the rest of the way as you won’t have access to the fields with a vehicle. Keep heading south to reach the Marrowfields. Bullymongs litter the area and will harass you as you approach Reiss’s location. Use your ability should they become overwhelming, but there aren’t many of them so killing them should be relatively easy.


As you get closer to Reiss he radios a cry for help. You come to a cliff and three bandits giving the poor corporal a beat down. Kill the three bandits and approach Reiss. Reiss is surprised his rescue required a vault hunter, but he’s grateful all the same. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it and with his dying breath asks that you get the power core back from the Bloodshots. Roland is dismayed by the loss of one of his best men. He asks you to not only get the power core back, but also kill some bandits for Reiss. This is an optional objective, but after the loss of Reiss it will be worth killing the bastards.

Head back towards the Marrowfields then head west. You’ll see the entrance to Windbreak Camp up ahead. Somewhere in there is the power core, but you can be sure there will be plenty of bandits. As soon as you enter the perimeter a whole host of bandits will begin swarming you. Use your ability to take an advantage over them and use the buildings, barriers and whatever else for cover. Grenades will also help thin out their ranks. You’ll obtain the power core by killing a random bandit. Keep killing them until one of them dropsthe power core.


With the power core in hand it’s time to head back. You can stay awhile longer to kill more bandits in Reiss’s name if you wish. While there are a lot of Bloodshots to take on, there is plenty of loot to be had if you explore the rest of the camp. There is weapons chest with some sweet random weapons at the top of camp worth checking out.

When you’re finished head back to Sanctuary’s main gate and make contact with Lt. Davis. The lieutenant rushes you inside. Once your in Sanctuary, find Davis just outside the town at a small outpost. He asks that replace the current power core with the one you have. The machine is right behind you, so quickly replace the core. These power cores create a shield around the town protecting it from Hyperion’s assaults.

You’ve helped saved the town, but your victory is short lived. Davis informs you, Roland’s ECHO communicator has gone dead. Looks like you’ll need to find out what has happened to the former vault hunter. For now collect your well deserved reward from Davis.


Money: $105

Experience: 733

Item: Random shotgun or assault rifle

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