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Borderlands 2 Graveyard Virus Causes More Problems for Players


As if Borderlands 2 players haven’t had enough problems with the badass rank glitch and its return in the new DLCs, yet another devastating issue has begun to plague players online.

Called the ‘Graveyard’ virus, the program sets up players in Hardcore mode where if a player dies, they die for good. This happening to characters that aren’t playing under that particular mode so all of their saved data is being lost permanently.

Thus, far the virus is affecting only Xbox 360 and PC players. PS3 players, on a rare occasion, are being spared thus far. The virus is being spread between traded items on public online sessions. Gearbox Software has suggested a few methods for avoiding the virus players should resort to playing private games with trusted individuals. It should be noted that even under these settings it is still possible for players to contract the virus should another player in their game sessions already have the virus.

In a blog post on Gearbox’s official site, that if the worst should happen and players end up back at the title screen after death, they should choose the continue option and when leaving a session to always choose the ‘Save and Quit’ option to make sure their games are saved and up-to-date.

A patch is already in the works and Gearbox has sent the program to Microsoft for approval. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon.

Gearbox is also looking for help in finding who has been spreading the virus, given that the perpetrators are violating Xbox Live conduct. The company is looking for any clues or helpful tips in finding out what happened. If you know anything or you have been affected by the virus you can contact Gearbox at Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, further problems won’t arise from the game, but at least these problems aren’t like the problems featured in Skyrim. I’ve got to hand it to Gearbox for responding to these issues promptly and at least the issues aren’t entirely game ending. Kudos, Gearbox.


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