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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest – The Road To Sanctuary Part 1

Leaving behind the Southern Shelf, you come to Three Horns-Divide to find your way to Sanctuary. Hop off of Claptrap’s boat to start on your way. Claptrap makes some requests before you leave, but seeing as they’re ludicrous (as always) continue on and ignore the robot.

As soon as you hop off the boat head towards the bridge not far from you. A runner bounds over it and blows it to pieces. Corporal Reiss crackles over the ECHO to warn the Bloodshot bandits to stay away from Sanctuary. Judging by the large technical that flies across the bridge, they could really care less what Reiss thinks.

Not much else happens at this point so continue towards the bridge. As you walk between the pillars of  the bridge A few bullymongs appear. They’re about the same level as you, so killing doesn’t require anything special. Continue following the path as it turns and be prepared to deal with some more bullymongs.


Past the bullymong nest you’ll see a pair of vending machines and your very first Catch-A-Ride station. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It seems Scooter, of all people, has actually managed to lock down the station so you, or the Bloodshots, can’t use it. Angel shows up telling you there’s an out of commission Hyperion bot is not far from your location in a Bloodshot camp. His core can help to override the machine.

The entrance is actually right behind, if you’re facing the Catch-A-Ride station. You should see the skeleton of a massive creature with its maw gaping open. Head through its mouth and you’ll soon find yourself in the Bloodshot camp. Now these aren’t your average bandits; they’re swift, aggressive and far more ruthless when it come to attacking. Stay on you toes and keep your eyes on them so you plant every shot on them.

They also have new enemy type known as nomads fighting for them. These daunting bandits are large and often carry phalanx sized shields. Try flanking them or using explosives to deal damage to the brutes.


 When they’re all dead loot the containers in the camp for ammo, cash and health, should you need it. You’ll find the destroyed Hyperion bot at the northwest corner of the camp. Approach it to grab its core and return to the Catch-A-Ride station. Now generate a vehicle, paint it pretty colors to boot and drive off to Sanctuary.

Hop the bridge and continue following the objective marker until you reach the gates of Sanctuary. A bandit is pounding on the door as you approach. Shoot him with your vehicle’s powerful weaponry to kill him, then shift your car to the left to start killing the bandits that emerge from the small camp near the gate.


Hop out of your car and approach the intercom. A lieutenant comes over the radio and after confusing you with a bandit turns the conversation over to Roland. Roland is pleased to meet you, but he’s going to need your help before letting you in. The Corporal Reiss you saw when you first came to Three Horns-Divide has gone missing. You’ll need to find him in order to gain access to the town of Sanctuary.



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