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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest – Best Minion Ever Part 2

With Boom and Bewm dead it’s time to take on Captain Flynt himself. To continue your way to his stronghold you’ll need to find Claptrap who’s standing by the exit gate to the north. He explains the door is locked down and the only possible way to get through is to use Boom’s Big Bertha to blow it open. Hop into the cannon and blast open the door. Claptrap will warn you not to shoot until he moves out of the way, but little bugger takes too long to explain, so fire away.

Don’t hop down from the Big Bertha just yet. Several bandits will come pouring through the gate and the Big Bertha’s explosive rounds devastate the large groups. Once they’re all dead collect the loot and head through the gate. If you’re looking for Claptrap he’s already at Captain Flynt’s stronghold. Blasting the gate open launched him all the way there.

On the other side of the gate you’ll find an ice field leading to Captain Flynt’s Soaring Dragon hideout. Work your way north across the ice field. There are some bandits being harassed by some rakks out on the ice. There’s some equipment to be had by getting involved, especially if you’re low on ammo from the fight with Boom Bewm.

With ammo in hand continue to the front gate of the hideout. As the door opens three psychos will charge you. Put them down and continue through the gate. Ascend the slope and be prepared to take out more bandits. Several of them will come streaming out of the two shacks on either side of you. Toss a grenade at the elemental barrel in the pathway to take out a few of them. Take cover behind the tin metal fences avoid taking too much fire from your enemies. Pop in and out from cover to kill the rest of them.


Head up the pathway once the coast is clear. You’ll come to an archway with the words ‘Pis Off’ above it. Before heading through, take the left path leading off the road to an overlook. It holds a nice gun chest, as well as some unsavory bandits. Kill them and claim your reward. There are also plenty of containers filled with cash you should grab.

Head back to the archway and go through. More bandits will make an appearance when step into the circle of houses. Use your ability and best weapons to take out this group. There are several containers here as well so search through all of them before moving on.

Follow the curved metal north-northeast as it leads you through a small ice tunnel. The path curves and leads to a balcony with small shack facing out towards the sea. Several bandits are patrolling near the building. There is an elemental barrel near the steps that will kill some of them as well as soften them up. Your main concern is going to be the badass marauder hanging around there. Throw everything you’ve got at him to insure he dies quickly.

Following the steps around the bend you come to another bandit camp. The path leads under a bridge, crawling with bandits. To your left there is some metal wreckage with a bar and metal ramp propped up on a ledge leading to the small bridge. Climb up the ramp to get on the ledge and gain a better shot at your enemies. Use your ability to clear the bridge and then head towards the small bandit camp just on the other side of the bridge. Kill the bandits here as well using the elemental barrels to deal some damage and use the boxes and metal fences for cover.

With the area clear you’ll hear Claptrap’s voice coming around the bend at the end of the bandit camp. A group of bandits are giving the little robot a beat down. Clear them off with a few gunshots and the robot will crawl to his…wheel and lead the rest of the way through the camp.


After crossing under the arch way more bandits open fire on you. Once again use the environment to take cover and use your best weapons to clear out the area. Climb up the land made ramp to the raised buildings. Follow Claptrap to the stairs past the raised buildings. Realizing his wheel doesn’t help him up stairs, he notices a nearby lift.

It’s now up to you to start the lift. Head up the stairs Claptrap couldn’t climb and take the left on the walkway. Following the next set of steps will lead to a dead end. Three bandits will appear as you approach the next flight of steps up. Wipe them out and continue on.

When you reach the top of the next flight of steps you come to a complex of interweaving walkways and bandit homes. Needless to say, more bandits appear to stop you. Use your ability and your best guns to clear them out. Try taking down the ones at higher elevations as their shots will become a nuisance when your dealing with the ones in front of you.

Work your way across the walkways to the area littered with storage containers. Several more bandits are hiding out in there waiting to pounce. Use a close-quarters weapon to sweep these punks out. Rummage through some of the containers in the room for some cash and ammo.

The lever to lift is just around the bend when you step back out to the walkway following the objective marker. Pull it and Claptrap will join you up top. Continue following him and he’ll finally lead you to Flynt. And that’s an ordeal all its own. We’ll face off with him in Part 3.

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