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Life Takes GSL Season 4!

Arguably the most competitive season to date, the GSL Season 4 (Global StarCraft II League) has concluded in a huge upset with the first time GSL player, StarTale Lee ‘Life’ Seung Hyun, taking the series from the seasoned pro, Jung  ‘MVP’ Jong-Hyun.

Life at only 15 years of age has become the first player in the history of the GSL to take out the grand final in his first attempt, walking away with a cool USD$42,600 in prize money. MVP, already a four time champion was the clear favourite but fell short losing the 7th deciding match.

Both players unsurprisingly went in super confident expecting to create history in their own right. Life settled in quickly taking out the first 2 matches, teaching the master a lesson or two. Both matches were long which ended up suiting Life just fine as his Brood Lords/Corruptors/Infestors combo proving devastating.

The early 2 loses shook MVP into action as his Blue Flamed Hellion’s proved too deadly crippling Life’s economy by killing 29 drones in the next match. There was no way over recovering from the early damage as MVP took the 3rd. Similarly in the 4th match MVP, again killed in two waves of Blue Flamed Hellion’s over 30 drones making it impossible for Life to move on.

The 5th match saw MVP do some text book banshee harassment which again Life seemed to have no answer for. His Infestors were under constant siege and a misplaced attack saw MVP counter effectively, taking the match.

Life looked visibly down and out after the 5th match which made it even more incredible that he came back with a vengeance with constant Zergling aggression and then again perfecting the balance of Brood Lords/Corruptors/Infestors that MVP simply could not match.

Coming down to the deciding 7th match tension was at an all time high in the Samsung Dong COEX auditorium. Life got off to a slow start gambling by sending in early lings but these were walled off by MVP deeming it completely ineffective. Life tried to get back into the match by countering MVPs Hellions with Mutalisks but flew into trouble and again Life looked to have conceded to defeat. Someway, somehow the match went into late game and MVPs defences ended up being spread too thin and Life found a way in with again with his strong army, this time with the inclusion of roaches to clean up. Life won an important engagement in the middle of Daybreak and pushed his way forward, cornering MVPs tanks and taking out his Vikings, forcing MVP to GG.

Finally Startale fans have a hero and a reason to celebrate. On stage, Life thanked his family and team “If my parents hadn’t allowed me to become a pro-gamer I wouldn’t be in this place right now. I’m really thankful.” 

The Up & Down matches for GSL Season 5 begin Oct. 25 at 18:10 KST.


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