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The War Z Beta Announced

The War Z Beta Dates

The War Z is a new zombie survival MMO where you don’t know which players to trust and which ones to shoot on sight.

With more than 1 million players registered, gamers are ready to take on the zombie apocalypse and explore “Colorado,” the first world in The War Z. This game is an online, multiplayer, survival-simulation game set in an open world infested with zombies. Players are thrust into this post-apocalyptic world five-years after a viral outbreak that ravaged the human population and left, in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion.

Hordes of undead zombies roam the cities, and the few remaining human beings have devolved into a lawless, nomadic society where the sole objective is to survive at any cost.

War Z
It’s a happy place

The War Z beta will begin at the end of this month October 31st, 2012 and Arktos Entertainment Group and Hammerpoint Interactive have announced that the closed beta will be available with an early purchase package. Players who purchase the advanced ‘Pioneer pack’ will gain early alpha access to the game on October 15th.

“We’ve been working non-stop to tweak and balance the game to where we feel comfortable beginning to bring more players in,” said Sergey Titov, executive producer for The War Z. “We are now at that point, but this is where the real work begins.  We want to work with our players to build and add additional features, remove those that they don’t like and continue to evolve The War Z to be the best zombie survival-sim available.”


War Z Beta Zombies

Players must use skill and cunning in order to acquire food, weapons and other supplies necessary for survival.  While navigating the vast landscape, they will discover cities teeming with the undead as well as other players that may or may not be friendly.

There are three purchase options to gain access to The War Z beta:

The War Z Packages

More information on the packages are available at the War Z website.

If you are looking for some free gaming, Hammerpoint Interactive also worked on World of Tanks. Our very own Matt D has also written about what to expect from The War Z.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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