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Mass Effect 3’s Retaliation DLC Features The Return Of The Collectors

Mass Effect 3 was filled with plenty of old and new enemies up until its final moments, but in one group managed to stay out of the limelight among Cerberus and the Reapers: the Collectors. These ruthless enemies wiped out entire populations to feed their powerful armada. With the new Retaliation DLC the bug-eyed enemies will making a return to wreak havoc in the galaxy once again.

Retaliation is a new multiplayer DLC featuring several new maps and brings the Collectors in as a new enemy type.

Several existing maps will feature “hazard” versions with dangerous environmental hazards happening around you as you fight off waves of equally deadly enemies. You’ll be dealing with six deadly environmental hazards of sandstorms, lightening, meltdowns, acid, swarm and whiteouts.

Along with the collectors offering a new challenge, tougher versions of old enemy types will make an appearance. New Cerberus Dragoons will wreak havoc and the geth will be bring more synthetic death from their Drone units.

Luckily a slew of new weapons will be made available for players to stop these new and resilient enemies. With the collectors making an appearance you’ll be able to get a hold of the Collector assault rifle, sniper rifle and sub-machine gun.

Class-kits can also be unlocked. More turian classes will be joining the ranks with the Turian Soldier and the Turian Ghost Infiltrator. Bioware has mentioned more classes will show up later on in the year.

More upgrades will also be making an appearance to help you against the collectors. Three new ammo modifications, which are still unknown, will help deal some damage against the tough skinned collectors. You’ll also be able your own armor and weapons with five unique upgrades to decimate your enemies with.

Lastly, there will be a new multiplayer challenge feature. Each challenge will require you to accomplish particular feats of strength to help unlock new titles and banners to display in-game. You can also keep track of your record as well as your friends so you can always find a way to one up one another.

As per usual your multiplayer experience will be recorded and applied to your single player experience in the Galactic Readiness Rating and influences the players overall experience.

Look for the new DLC this Tuesday, October 9 in North America and October 10 for Europe and Australia, because there weren’t enough endings to the game.Check out the video at the Mass Effect 3 official site for more info.



Mass Effect 3 official site



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