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Borderlands 2 Guide: Sir Hammerlock Quest – Bad Hair Day


Sir Hammerlock is studying the Bullymongs and needs four hair samples from the big, blue gorillas. Collecting the actual samples relatively simple, but the method in which Hammerlock wants you to acquire the fur is a bit tricky. Hammerlock wants you to rip the fur off the beast’s body with your bare hands. This means finishing off the creature with a melee attack for the fur to be available to pick up.

To accomplish this simply attack a bullymong with a gun and when it’s life to its last smidgen hit him with a melee attack and the fur will drop from the corpse. This is the only way to retrieve the fur samples.

Finding four bullymongs is also an easy task to accomplish. The bandit outpost where you recovered the fuse for the elevator to reach the Crimson Raider’s safe house has a small bullymong nest past the outpost. Head there to collect your furs.

There will be a mix of bullymong adults, brats, slingers and monglets. Try to obtain the fur from the tougher types as your guns at this point are powerful enough to kill the monglets in a few shots. Enough of them should appear to obtain all of your fur samples, but if not the entrance to Southern Shelf Bay is near by. There will be plenty more bullymongs there to collect fur from.

In the midst of your collecting Claptrap offers a different reward for the furs over the ECHO recorder. He’ll give you a decent shotgun instead of Sir Hammerlock’s sniper rifle. Whoever you turn the furs over to the reward is well earned.


Experience: 362

Money: $15

Item: Random shotgun or sniper rifle




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