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What We’ve Been Playing

Another week has passed and even more hours than we care to count have also passed on our choice of gaming platform. The boys this week have revisited some old time classics, come together for a gaming night and are hanging out for the releases of some big name titles.

Senior Stiv:

I’ve dusted off my old DS Lite and got all handheld this week. I never finished The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass so I’m looking to finally cap off another Zelda game. Other than that I’m still plugging away on Borderlands with my berserker and putting together a strategy guide on my own blog the Stick and the Button (check it out). Hopefully, it will fill the void until Borderlands 2 comes out next month. Lastly, I’ve just  been playing some Diablo II here and there. It’s been a good week.

Mr Port:

This week, after some enlightening exposure, I found myself spiraling down into the addiction that is Civilization V. I cannot begin to describe how addictive it is. Trying to set yourself a limit of “OK, I’ll play for one hour” just does not work!

Completed Silent Hill 2 finally, defeated the demons of Pyramid Head and his cronies, and I think I’ve finally got my terror-poop reflex under control…at least until I start Silent Hill 3. Also on the cards, as soon as it arrives, will be the much anticipated Darksiders 2, which I am hungrily looking forward to. Might settle for some Final Fantasy XIII-2 to tide me over in the interim.



The highlight of my gaming week was and old school four player console gaming session with Sheriff Dan, Mr Port and our buddy Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed smashing through Castle Crashers and pizza with the boys despite choosing to level the dud skill and being the brunt of many jokes! What do you say fellas? Shall we make it a regular occurrence?

Also, Blizzard started announcing some of the upcoming changes in the next Diablo 3 patch and boy am I excited to give them a whirl. There will be major skill and rune overhauls for all of the classes, massive updates to legendary items and a rework of the magic find system. Can’t wait!


The gaming gods are indeed good and bestow their humble servant with more games than he can feasibly play. Still playing some solid Heroes of Newerth matches on the Australian region servers, although looking to cross over into League of Legends at the tutalage of BlueonBlue just so I can try all three MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles.

After the free weekend of Secret World I am fully commited to my new Glowing Bee powers and have decided to focus on Blade Chaos Tanking. The instances are challenging and a little different from the usual SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) or World of Warcraft fare. I am a little torn though and don’t want to feel myself slipping deeper into an MMO coma.

On the console side of things, revisiting Trials Evolution and Castle Crashers for some 4-player fun. I’m looking forward to some Sleeping Dogs on the 360, though I wonder if the old Xbox is getting a little bit aged and I’d be better off getting the PC version. If anyone has seen noticable differences in the graphics let me know.




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