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[News] New Endless Game Mode in Orcs Must Die 2

As if the hordes of orcs didn’t seem endless enough in Orcs Must Die the games soon-to-be-released sequel will now feature a mode that plans on taking the meaning of the word literally.

In Orcs Must Die 2 you can now slay those ugly green creatures to your hearts content in the new Endless Game Mode; players will have the chance to fight off infinite waves of Orcs, without much respite between each one.

Players will start with a set allowance of gold and traps, which you can increase as you successfully defeat each wave. Your skill in combat along with smart trap placement will help you gain more money for traps. With every five waves a golden Ogre named Mr. Moneybags will trounce through the level. If players are able to kill him they will be rewarded handsomely with all the money Mr. Moneybags has.


The new mode will also include the same performance and skull unlocks in the campaign levels. Robot Entertainment wants to make sure that players now have a much quicker option for collecting all of those skulls so players can upgrade their weapons, spells, guardians and traps.

For those of you may have paid attention to the games story (I thought the premise was laid out in the title) you continue taking the role of the new war mage, but now your mighty order has been destroyed. You’re also joined by the Sorceress who was responsible for said destruction, which makes her motives questionable. But, this also means some co-op fun for Orcs Must Die fans as well.

In addition to co-op and Endless Mode there are expected to be up to 50 enemy types beyond your orc adversaries. Creatures like Earth Elementals and Bile Bats will join the line-up of vile creatures. But, you’ll also have a nice 225 different kinds of upgrades to use against the rampaging hordes.

Those of you in Texas had the opportunity this weekend to play a playable version at the Rooster Teeth Expo at Robot Entertainments booth 401. By sound and look of things this is looking to be an excellent successor to one of last year’s most entertaining tower defense games. Get ready to for the orc slaughter on July 30. They’ll be coming soon.




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