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[Overdue Review] Infinity Blade

After many, many years I’ve finally caught up with current technology standards. I’ve finally got a smart phone and I’ve been putting some time into mobile gaming, catching up on all of the games of yesteryear. And one of the first I played was the immensely popular Infinity Blade. Needless to say I also got caught up in fighting through bloodline after bloodline to defeat the God King.

For those of you who are just as behind as me the premise is simple: fight through several weapon wielding monsters and warriors to eventually defeat the God King. Should you be defeated by this formidable deity you will begin as a new hero who was the son of last hero you played as. You’ll probably go through several of these Bloodlines before you defeat the God King. It’s a unique way of telling a story in a game.

ChAIR Entertainment’s use of the Unreal Engine has created one of the most beautifully rendered mobile games I’ve seen. Light lays across a gorgeous, yet grim environment with twisted trees and immense white castle stained by years if dirt. Enemies look incredible in frightening helms with antlers to the gnarly swords and shields they wield. The same can be said for the equipment you carry as well.

Infinity Blade has one of the most satisfying, yet simple upgrade and reward systems I’ve seen in a while. You can find treasure and gold throughout the environment. Treasure can often be new and powerful weapons, but on occasion can also be disappointing repeats of weaker equipment you’ve already acquired. If treasures aren’t putting out the weapons you want there’s a store you can purchase new weapons and armor from.

Using the touch controls in combat are simple and comfortable. Moving your finger to slash enemies is easy. Slashing back and forth creates a combo with a devastating swing at the end. Pressing the arrows to the left and right allow you to dodge enemy attacks and break their attacks. You can also break their attacks through blocking and well timed parries. I’m not sure if what was my own slow reaction, but the touch screen could be unresponsive to my dodging resulting in devastating blows I intended to avoid.


Leveling up works in two separate manners. You, along with your weapons are leveled up from the experience earned in fights. As your equipment is mastered you’ll receive points yo place into your health, attack, shield and magic. So you could receive as few as one point to four points with each level-up depending on how many are mastered.

To finally get my hands and fingers on Infinity Blade has been a treat and has become one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played. Be sure to look out for more Overdue Reviews (and more relevant ones) as continue to dig deeper into the mobile gaming market.



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