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Video Games on Holidays

With a number of the NFG staff taking a leave of absence and going on holiday, the hot topic of what handhelds we’ll be taking and what video games we are likely to catch up on was raised. Check out our thoughts below. Additionally let us know what you do on holiday, because lets face it we’re gamers – we don’t do the whole sunlight thing very well.


Mobile gaming has always been a close friend of mine. Fondest memories involve playing the early Pokémon (and Trading Card Game) series of games on long trips through the centre of Australia completely ignoring any of the ‘scenic’ views of thunder domes and road warriors. Instead of a grainy black and green screen I have all the power of a Tablet, Phone, 3DS and NDSi to keep me company on important business flights.

Those games that give you the, “just one more turn” feeling like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars spring to mind but nothing really goes past getting back into the latest Pokémon game. For a long trip I really can’t bother with these new fangled tablets and smartphones, give me a fetch quest for the Tri-Force or an ultimate goal of ‘Catching Them All’ while also defeating Team Rocket and becoming the champion of whatever league is available.

Hours would whittle away while playing FIre Emblem

Senior Stiv:

This was a rather tough theme for me to cover since I haven’t been on a vacation (yes I call it a vacation) for what seems like ages. But, I’ll just use my past as a reference and we’ll see what I would do in the future. I remember taking whatever portable system I had at the time and more often than not I would be playing one of the Zelda series game Oracle of Seasons being my particular choice.

Now I would probably bring along my DS and play, you guessed it, Legend of Zelda. Phantom Hourglass if anything. I would also bring along my laptop and play the low end tech games (but still good ones) off my computer. I would still go RPG style and play some Diablo II and maybe some Morrowind. Also, spend some time at the beach of course.

Emma K:

Video games has generally always being present during my holidays. Those long car trips to visit family wouldn’t be the same without my Nintendo GameBoy and Pokémon Red to kill the time. And seeing as it was my Dad who heavily got me into video games while I was a kid he would always bring up his laptop for us to use. It was StarCraft that got a workout on it the most (to Mums delight) as Dad and I would choose to spend time playing on that than go down to the beach in Queenslansd.

These upcoming holidays will be a great chance to blow the dust off my DS and catch up on some games such as the fourth Professor LaytonZelda and maybe some Pokémon thrown in there to boot. But seeing as we’ll be going to Thailand I’m sure if my computer withdrawals get to great there’ll be a LAN cafe we can go and suss out.



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