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What We’ve Been Playing May 2012

With the launch of Diablo III during the week check out if our writers have being inundated with all things Diablo. Have you played non stop since its release? Or have the server issues put you off entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.


It has been a pretty crazy week for me. I think it goes without saying (though I will say it anyway) that I’ve been playing some Diablo III. You can even see me and some of the staff bumbling our way through the first Act on our Channel. Living in the future (GMT +10) means I had to wait until 5pm on the 15th before I could attempt to log in with the droves of fans. Of course there were some problems logging in and creating a character to begin with but after some initial teething I’m really enjoying fighting back the fowl beasties of hell.

In between the seriousness of Diablo III, I have been trying out the new mode in Heroes of NewerthMid Wars” where respawn times are reduced, there is only one lane and lots of chaos as people die repeatedly. It’s a very interesting gimmick but I would still prefer to see some Oceanic Match Making servers as I pointed out in my Interview with Breakycpk. Until then I suffer with minimal swearing at my computer screen.

Senior Stiv:

This week has been all about Max Payne 3 for me. I’ve been blasting my way through the story campaign and it hasn’t slowed down since I’ve started. The other single player modes have been equally as cool and bullet time still looks as cool as hell. I need to check out the multiplayer, but thus far it been a blast to play. Look forward to my full review coming soon.


This week has been a week of longing and lost direction when it comes to gaming. Unlike every other gamer I know I have not let myself delve into the wonder that I imagine Diablo 3 could be. This is because I have about 5000 words of uni assignments due within the next two weeks, and i don’t think I have the will power to choose between daemon smiting and essay writing. But I am only human and so have still been indulging in games here and there.

On the iOS side I’ve been flirting with Trade Nations and Cargo-bot, the game that makes warehousing fun! PC-wise I’ve been playing a whole bunch of Endless Space, a game currently in open alpha and discovering the new free game on Steam, Moon Breaker. Simple but fun, Moon Breaker is fulfilling that need for space combat that Star Trek Online just wasn’t doing for me.

As we speak however I am downloading Arma II so I can download and install the Day Z mod which is taking the net by storm. I think this mod will finally fill that gap of a hyper realistic zombie MMO, a game that has never really existed before. I’m very very excited. My uni assignment is not so excited…


Contrary to the average gamer, I have been swaying away from Diablo 3 until I clean out my pile of shame. First on the pile is Fallout New Vegas and its DLC. Now, I know the game was released two years ago and has a high chance of freezing when playing a very significant part of the game, but I still haven’t finished Bethesda’s masterpiece.

As well as playing New Vegas, I am edging my way through the Torchlight 2 beta and creating some joyous memories on Xbox 360 titles that were ported from PC, such as Minecraft and Witcher 2!

As I will be possibly ‘reviewing’ Witcher 2, I see no point in discussing it so I’ll move onto my block adaption of New Vegas‘ ‘the strip’! I was so surprised to notice that the Xbox version of Minecraft has few differences to the original but new materials like sand and wool have been added. I look forward to grieving some 10 year old over his small plank of wood that he calls his ‘fortress’!

Excluding my playthroughs, I am also pondering to purchase either Dragon’s Dogma, Max Payne 3 or Prototype 2. Although, knowing my JRPG fan-fare, I’ll end up getting addicted to Dogma upon release.

Well, that’s all for this week! Next week will probably be, Diablo….Diablo….Diablo…..Oh! Dragon’s Dogma!


This week has seen the majority of my time taken up by Binary Domain on PS3. It’s a great cover-based shooter with some tactical commands thrown in as well. It’s very Japanese in style, voice acting and graphics. The cut scenes remind me of the Yakuza series in the way they are directed. The actual gameplay is really solid and great fun. It’s long too. I’ve played a good five hours so far and don’t feel anywhere near the end.

I’ve also been playing the demo for Spec Ops: The Line on PS3. This looks like it going to be fantastic cover-based shooter. There is more than a hint of Uncharted about it and that’s not just because the lead character is voiced by Nolan North; it feels very cinematic and looks fantastic. I can’t wait for this to be released.

I’ve also spent some time on my iPhone with FPS N.O.V.A 3 which looks and plays great, and I am also currently revisiting the point and click classic Broken Sword – one of my favourite games of all time. The iPhone version is the directors cut which comes with new puzzles and fleshes out the already fantastic story.



  1. Diablo III, i hate the game so much because of the ridiculously hard monsters on hell mode, but i refuse to be beaten by some hell spawn!


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