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[News] A Walking Dead Game… Social Game, That Is

Television network AMC is partnering with social entertainment company RockYou to create a social game based on the hit TV series The Walking Dead. The game is aimed at mid-to-hardcore audience, trying to mesh this audience with the flexible social platform that many gamers (me included), probably don’t spend a lot of time with.

The goal of the game is to fight off the zombies, (or walkers, if you’re a fan of the property), in order to survive the apocalypse. You’ll have to try and keep you and the other survivors alive, while scavenging for usable resources and creating camps based on settings that are found on the show. The Walking Dead Social Game is centered around the idea of allow players to create their own unique adventure, while still allowing them to explore the settings and interact with the characters that can be found in the show.

Personally, I would rather have seen The Walking Dead game be something more along the lines of Left 4 Dead, but if AMC and RockYou really do manage to create a deeper social game, then kudos to them. The game launches in April and  if you like what you read, you can find out more by heading to the official Facebook page.



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