Where to Find the Grave of the Kraken’s Prey on Crooked Masts

Sea Of Thieves Krakens Prey

Sea of Thieves Riddles

Pirates sometimes come together into a crew to find treasure. Join our Non-Fiction Gaming crew for help with more Gold Hoarder riddle guides.

In this quick guide we’ll describe where to find the grave of the Kraken’s prey on Crooked Masts in Sea of Thieves – a small and rocky island. There aren’t many places to dig on this island, so items of interest stick out here.

While your riddle clues in in Sea of Thieves may have some differences, the main goal of ‘The Grave of the Kraken’s Prey’ should be the same. Here’s the riddle we got:

The Crooked Masts is the golden key, between the sky and the deep blue sea.

At the North West grave of the Kraken’s prey ye are almost there, 5 paces East dig treasure bare.

While the riddle asks for the North West grave, there’s one that’s somewhat central on the sea level area.

We’re at the north easterly entrance into Crooked Masts at the start of the video. From there it’s a simple run following the north path around, and then a small collection of rocks with a larger pointed one is where you’ll find the grave.

The video below will show you the location of the grave of the Kraken’s prey.

After taking the 5 steps east and digging, the treasure was found, and after dealing with skeletons, a treasure chest was our reward.


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