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Aussie Indie ‘Armed with Wings: Rearmed’ Launches on Steam

Solo Aussie Dev’s Action Sidescroller Launches After 2 Years Early Access.

Rearmed Armed with Wings

Armed with Wings: Rearmed has officially launched on Steam. The stylish black and white platformer exits early access after 2 years of beta.

We spoke with the sole developer Daniel Sun at PAX Australia a few years ago, you may remember we looked at an early build of Armed with Wings: Rearmed.

In the Steam release announcement Daniel Sun stated,

“As the sole developer of Armed with Wings, I’m incredibly satisfied to have served players continually through early access.

A very special thanks to all the players and community members for contributing incredible feedback. Without question, these players have directly influenced the outcome of this game for the better.”

While it’s initially on Steam, it’ll be coming to and consoles in the near future.

What’s New in the Full Release:

Many players have experienced Armed with Wings: Rearmed in one form or another during its lengthy early access. Sun promises none have experienced the new features/surprises he’s prepared for launch:

  • Weapon Pickups In Story Special enemies drop equippable gear. The hunt begins for the best equipment!
  • Campfires Sit by the campfire to change your equipment in-game.
  • New Difficulty Tier Test yourself against 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Futile!
  • New ‘Relic’ Challenge Collect all the relics to unlock a special challenge.
  • New Playable Character The teased 3rd character is now unlockable.
  • New VS Arenas More ways to battle your friends in local VS.
  • And so much more!

Steam Trading Cards:

Steam users will be pleased to know that Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons and Profile Backgrounds are available to unlock through Steam. A frequent request, my apologies for the many delays.

Armed with Wings: Rearmed is Coming to Consoles

Nnooo Publishing has partnered with Sun-Studios to bring Rearmed to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: see official Nnooo Press Release here.

Watch the trailer here.

Launch Discount and Price:

Armed with Wings: Rearmed will remain at the same early access price point of $7.99 for June. The price will raise to $9.99 in mid July to better reflect the added value early access updates. Get the game this week at a 15% launch discount, $6.79!

We’re looking at Armed with Wings: Rearmed as a game to play on the Game Club Podcast. So stay tuned next week.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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