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Black Ops 3 Users Permanently Banned After Creating Offensive Custom Emblems

Treyarch Studios is striking down on Black Ops 3 users who have an offensive emblem design or custom paint jobs and permanently banning them from using this feature ever again.

The criteria for offensive relates to designs that relate to a terrorist organization, phallic imagery (dicks) and imagery related to Nazis.

If your design fits this criteria, you may receive the following message and find yourself permanently banned from using this feature in the multiplayer mode. This applies to both the emblems and the paint shop in the game.

Black Ops 3 Permanent ban
Too Many Dicks

Keep in mind that this is a permanent ban for the user meaning there won’t be any way to use custom emblems and access the paint shop after this ban. If you want to use this feature, it is best to use them in a way that shows your creativity instead of simply going for something offensive.

Not The First Time

This isn’t the first time Treyarch have used bans to curb their fan’s designs, as it has happened with the past games in the series as well. Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 and 2 also featured similar bans for people who decided to abuse the system.

There has been reports of numerous [ISIS] clan tags in Black Ops 3 though, which could be part of the spate of recent bans.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is available now on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was developed by Treyarch Studios and published by Activison.

Let us know what you think about this permanent ban in the comments below.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


  1. If you use isis as a clan tag i think you should be banned from the game not just creating an emblem. Treyarch I’m sure wants nothing to do with terroist propaganda, I am not them, but its not a joke. Say only two percent of people with the tag are actual members of that terrorist group, thats two percent too many. I for one am tired of seeing our people killed and our allies in other countries aswell. Two percent is just a guess and has no actual basis just purely Speculation, but the point is theres an off chance that someone could become influenced by this said two percent. To the strong minded person reading this saying to yourself” how could playing a game and seeing this tag influence me thats just stupid”, its not you im worried about. its the weak minded or depraved individual that is easily influenced. I urge everyone that sees a tag saying isis to please report it.
    The USA is a great country I call home and theres no place for isis here. If anyone wants you to kill for or in the name of god I offer up this small piece of wisdom God doesnt need your help. I mean come on people is commandment 1 thou shall not kill.

  2. Nice! About time, now they need ti banned all of the hackers and loggers that cheat in the game. You do that and I will bet people that really want to enjoy play will buy more call of duty games, like myself I would enjoy the game more if they get rid of all the low-life cheaters that play or I can say try to pay the game.

  3. Got banned for all 3 still think it’s hilarious that you can’t even have a form of freedom on a game offensive or not it’s a game based at adults that has innapriopriate language and scenes im pretty sure there where swastikas was used in earlier games n if your offended by a dick/pussy pic or a woman getting sick it’s a game grow the fuck up you sad cunts your adults not kids deal with it


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