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Just Cause 3 Goes Gold

Just Cause 3

Developer Avalanche Studios, has revealed that the latest iteration in their acclaimed action series, Just Cause 3, has gone gold and remains on track to release in December.

For those who are unaware, this means that the title has obtained a fully completed stature, and remains slated to release on December first.”#JustCause3 is….. GOLD today!!” Avalanche’s Christofer Sundberg tweeted. “Awesome work to our team taking this creation of ours and have evolved it with excellence! #RicoWasHere.

Just Cause 3 is embracing the player driven chaos offered in Just Cause 2, providing an even bigger playground and even more (usually explosive) toys.

If you have not been following the title, Just Cause 3 will see gamers take to the lands of Medici, in which players will be imbued with a range of illicit new weapons, in order to liberate your Homeland, and abolish its corrupt government.

Just Cause 3 is grappling onto PS4, Xbox One and PC in December.

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