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DOOM Closed Alpha Begins

Following the commencement of Alpha sign ups last week, Bethesda Softworks has unveiled The first DOOM Closed Alpha begins Friday, October 23 at and runs through Sunday, October 25 .

Alongside this, the developer has also stated that the title will harbour few guns, a single map, and the revenant demon, but has profusely reassured fans that this severe lack of variety is due to its alpha stature. Accompanying this was the unveiling of an exhilarating new trailer showcasing the Alpha’s diverse new gameplay, weapons, and demon powerups.

Alpha testers will get to play 6v6 team deathmatch games on a map called Heatwave. The alpha will let you try out six weapons and two pieces of equipment, while you can also either choose a pre-set loadout or build your own. In addition, there are multiple “game-changer” items on the map, which Bethesda has outlined in a blog post. As written by Bethesda, these are:

  • The Demon Rune, which can turn the tide of a battle by transforming a player into a bad-ass Revenant fully loaded with dual rocket launchers and a jetpack.
  • The Gauss Cannon, a high-powered weapon that can destroy a foe in a single blast.
  • Power-ups like Quad Damage and Invisibility – you can guess what each of these does.

Watch the video above to learn more and see some gameplay footage. Or you can check out the original E3 announcement for Doom.

DOOM E3 2015 Bethesda

For those who are unaware, Doom will see gamers traverse the demon inundated remnants of a UAC Mars facility, in which players will be tasked with obtaining a range of new weapons, in order to access hell, and thwart the demon threat.

Everyone who preordered Wolfenstein: The New Order will get into the Doom beta, but only a limited pool of people will get into the alpha. Everyone who has already redeemed a Doom beta code is entered for a chance to get into the alpha. In addition, if you bought a digital copy of The New Order before May 26, 2014, you may be selected for alpha access.

More details about the Doom alpha are available through this FAQ. The Doom beta will begin in 2016, while the full game is also slated for launch that year across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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