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New LIVE ACTION Fallout 4 Trailer Lets You Wander the Wastelands

The new live action Fallout 4 trailer is trying to prime you for the release in November. The Basic premise: Life is good, life is bad, brave new world, doggie, bad guys, power armour! And, as we’ve come to expect from the Fallout series, an awfully cool song.

‘The Wanderer’ sets the tone for the world and was originally recorded by Dion in 1961, and hit number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It’s been covered numerous times since then, by artists as diverse as The Beach Boys, Leif Garrett, Dee Snider, Bruce Springsteen, Gary Glitter, and Status Quo, who actually did it twice.

Like a fair few songs from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, it sounds like a happy, upbeat tune, but it holds a bit of a darker meaning. Dion was quoted by Pop History Dig as saying it’s actually “a sad song.”

Fallout 4 wanderer

“A lot of guys don’t understand that. Bruce Springsteen was the only guy who accurately expressed what that song was about,” he said. “It’s, ‘I roam from town to town and go through life without a care, I’m as happy as a clown with my two fists of iron, but I’m going nowhere.’ In the fifties, you didn’t get that dark. It sounds like a lot of fun but it’s about going nowhere.”

The trailer looks great (Though I would have loved to see real in-game footage) as live action, which is a massive step away from the recent cartoon ‘Vault-Tec S.P.E.C.I.A.L’ trailers we’ve been receiving. Instead of the hokey instructional slide show this brings us back into the reality of the wastes.

While charging super-mutants with a rifle and a Vault-Tec onesie is a bit of a silly idea, with a loyal dog pal at your side what else are you going to do

Fallout 4 comes out on November 10. Are you ready?

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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