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Steam’s Monster Summer Sale Game Has Teething Problems

Steam monster game

This year’s Steam Summer Sale has more to offer than just Mysterious Trading Cards: an ‘Idle Game’ you can play to work towards unlocking new deals, trading cards, and the other goodies. Here’s the catch: The Steam Monster Game isn’t really working as intended right now.

Steam Monster Game problems
Just keep clicking ‘Play Game’ to warm up your mouse

Monster Game, is playable in your browser similar to Cookie Clicker and similar games that came before it. These ‘Idle Games’ usually craft a solo experience where you click and click and click to your hearts content. This iteration of the genre has people playing on servers with hundreds of other people. The more people click, the more special deals they unlock for everyone on Steam. The servers aren’t holding up to the kind of punishment that 1.8 Million users can inflict with mouse clicks.

Summer Sale How
Get stuck in a loop

People have been reporting that the game’s been up and down all day. I struggled to get in for a few hours and only now am I sitting in a leading screen. Others have mentioned that when the servers struggle they, “could still click on stuff, but nothing would happen. No monster clobbering, no item purchasing — nothing. Refreshing didn’t help. I just had to wait it out.”

So if you’re struggling to get into the game like me, it may be worth just getting something from the Steam Sale instead.

Steam Summer Sale 2015
Feel free to send me anything on my wish list.


Let me know what you’re looking forward to getting in the Steam Summer Sale this year. I know I’ve got a few games on my wish list. If you’re one of the 1.8 Million who’re playing the Monster Game, let me know (between clicks) how for you’ve gotten.

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Daniel Ryan
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