Mario Kart: Fury Road Is An Incredible Parody Trailer


The ridiculously fun new Mad Max has only been in theatres for a week, but the reaction videos, memes, and mash-ups have been popping up ever since the furious trailer dropped.

Above you see Mario Kart: Fury Road, a mash-up between the George Miller movie and everyone’s favourite shell-based go-kart racing game. If you loved Mario Kart 64 as much as we do, it hits all the right notes: a flying blue shell takes out a lead car, there’s a scene on Rainbow Road, and the sound effects tap into your very childhood.

You’ll be probably be looking to fire up the old 64 and race on the Kalimari Desert course again… just watch out for that train.

The trailer basically demands you watch it a second time (and probably a third or fourth) to catch all the subtle references. Give it a few spins, and then go start up a Special Cup — 150cc, obviously.

Mario Kart Fury Road

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