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Side-Scrolling Sci-Fi Adventure Station on Kickstarter

Station is a new experience being developed by Well-Lit Room. It combines several elements of different genres into a 2D, side-scrolling game that asks you only to survive.


The Project


Well-Lit Room’s initial foray into the domain of survival games looks to be a promising one. The plot is a little trite but the overall premise of the game is strong.


wlr 2


Put simply, you are an ordinary worker on an underwater mining facility when some unnamed horror wreaks havoc on the population. You have complete control on how to handle the situation – and this is a major marketing point for Station.

Station is a survival game that changes the experience for each player and how they choose to go about dealing with what’s presented. From what we’ve seen so far, it takes the depth of typical psychological survival games that we know but executes this in a side-scrolling, retro adventure game style. It’s a curious take on what we already know.


The Dream

In order to make Station a reality, the team over at Well-Lit Room have taken to Kickstarter to help fund the remainder of the development.

What’s nice about Station‘s Kickstarter is the offer of an early bird special. Access to the game for as little as $3. Well-Lit Room have their eyes on the prize, however. If they get $25,000 pledged, there will be a PS4/Vita cross-buy version of the game.


wlr 1


It would be nice to see Station get the funding so its interpretation of the genre can be explored to its fullest potential.

Regardless of how the Kickstarter turns out, I’ll be keeping an eye on Station to see how it shapes up.

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