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Phantasmal Goes Live with Steam Early Access

New Zealand’s Latest Export is a Horror Game Known as Phantasmal. It’s Gorgeous and It’s Playable Now.


Phantasmal: City of Darkness hit the Steam early access this week. On the 30th of April, gamers were able to get their hands on a copy and scare themselves silly. To coincide with this, Eyemobi, an Indie developer from New Zealand, have given us a new trailer.



We wrote on our experience with Phantasmal‘s alpha version some time ago. What was clear then is that Phantasmal is a promising entrant into the survival horror genre.

The trailer we see now shows the strides Eyemobi have made to make this game truly memorable.


pht 3


I was enamoured to Phantasmal from the get-go and now that the art direction has become more solid and the game is fleshed out, I’m in love. It looks a little like Doom and the monsters are hideous. I’ll be stocking up on underwear before jumping into this.

pht 2

Stay tuned for our thoughts once we get the time to play Phantasmal: City of Darkness. Until then, what would you like to see more of in the survival horror genre?

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