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League of Legends Champion ‘Nautilus’ to Be Dropped in Oceanic Waters

Riot will be dropping a statue of League of Legends Champion ‘Nautilus’ off the coast of Australia to become an artificial reef.

Last month, Riot ran an Ocean Week challenge with the ultimate goal to unlock a vote to choose a League of Legends Champion to be made into an artificial reef and sunk to the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Australia.

Riot Ocean Week

The ‘Summoners’ were required to win games using beach the ‘Ocean Week’ themed champions to earn points.

Riot outlined stretch goals on their website for the Australia Day and Waitangi Day event to work towards. The prizes range from IP Boosts to Mystery Gifts and the Artificial Reef covered in Summoner’s names being the top goal.

275,000 points – Artificial Reef

Contribute a tidal wave of points and we’ll create a champion-themed artificial reef that will become a home for sea creatures. If you contribute at least three points before this goal is reached your Summoner Name will be recorded on the statue that gets sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Unlocking this goal will trigger a vote to decide if the statue should be Fizz, Nami or Nautilus!

175,000 points – Upgraded Mystery Gifts

Unlock a 2x chance of a legendary skin when purchasing a mystery gift! Applies to Mystery Skin Gifts for a Friend through February 8.

130,000 points – Legacy Splash

Unlock four aquatic skins from the Legacy Vault. Scuba Gragas, Sailor Gangplank, Frozen Shen and Angler Jax will be put back in the store through February 8.

90,000 points – 4-Win IP Boost

Unlock a 4-Win IP Boost for everyone that contributed at least 1 point before this goal was reached.

30,000 points – 20 Free champions on rotation

Unlock 8 additional free champions for the remainder of the Ocean Week Challenge.

Riot Ocean Week Champion Usage

The top prize of the artificial reef was unlocked in just three days for a competition that was supposed to run the full week.

After 46,000 votes the community has chosen Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths, to theme the artificial reef. The names of all of those who earned at least three points before the goal was unlocked will have their Summoner Names recorded on the reef.

The exact location of the reef is still to be determined, however it has been revealed that it will be in oceanic waters somewhere off the coast of Australia. Riot declined to comment on how many Summoner names will make it onto the statue at this time.

Riot has advised that they are working with an artificial reef company and a marine biologist to make the champion into a reef.

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Daniel Ryan
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