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Microsoft Dev Says Scalebound Will Shock You

The upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound which is being created by Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising developer Platinum Games will “shock you” according to a development manager working for Microsoft. Ken Lobb recently took to the most recent Inner Circle podcast, whilst he did not go into much detail about the game he did say that the game has some serious ambitions. “It’s you, and there’s dragons,” he continued.

He also said that the game will slightly resemble the Monster Hunter series whilst adding plenty of unique and enticing new mechanics. He continued, “Monster Hunter is kind of weird and grindy. I like it, but no. You have to think, what does Platinum do well? That’s what they’re building. What do we do well? That’s what we’re adding. And yes, these are dragon companions. God, they are awesome.”

Scalebound xbox one

Scalebound was announced back in June 2014 and is still awaiting a release date.

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