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The Music Of The Flame In The Flood

scout and aesop

There a lot of different indie games coming out this year, but one in particular has caught my eye. And this one is backed by several former Irrational Games employees who worked on the Bioshock series.

The Flame in the Flood is a survival game that takes place on a randomly generated river. The game takes place in a post-societal backwaters America. You’ll need to survive the river and the wilds on your cobbled together raft. Crafting tools and finding food are essential for your survival, even though it isn’t likely you’ll survive. The game features several rogue-lite elements, so expect to die a lot. Thankfully you’ll have a faithful dog companion named Aesop who carries all of your items. Before you die you can give all of your items to Aesop and start with those same items when you re-start your next adventure down the river.

But the most intriguing and interesting part of the game is its soundtrack. Given the games setting much of it involves music from the alt-country genre adding an excellent layer of atmosphere to the game. For those of you who are interested the game feature music by The Fearless Kin and a personal favorite of mine, Chuck Ragan, lead singer and guitarist from Hot Water Music. Ragan has even gone so far as to write an original song for the game and its first gameplay trailer. You can go to the The Flame in the Flood’s Kickstarter page to listen for yourself.

All in all The Flame in the Flood is looking to be an impressive game with equally impressive music. The game is still in its funding stages for a few more days, so if the game looks interesting head on over and donate if you so choose. It’s definitely earned my donation.


The Flame in the Flood Kickstarter page



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