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You Choose What’s In Dead Island 2 Collectors Edition

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I never played Dead Island. Knowing my love for most things zombie related I thought I would have gotten around to playing the game.

After seeing the recent Dead Island 2 cinematic trailer, I’m really wishing I had. From what we know of the new story, the game will be taking place in California several months after the incident at Banoi Island in the original game. I can only imagine the kind of space players will have available to them to run around in now that we’re dealing with the state of California.

Regardless of my ramblings, the game will be out hopefully sometime next spring along with a lovely collectors edition. What will be in the collectors edition? Well, that is for you to decide.

Deep Silver made the announcement Wednesday, players will be able to take a quick survey on this Google Document. You can choose from the mundane such as a pair of glasses and a comfy Dead Island 2 beach towel. Or as comfy as a Dead Island 2 beach towel can get.

You can also vote on receiving a Rick Furry plush toy, an art book, a beer cooler, and probably the most interesting, a real zombie. Don’t ask me about how Deep Silver is going to make a real zombie happen. I imagine it’s really just some sort of life-sized statue.

There several options you can choose from to hopefully make one awesome collectors edition package. It only takes a few minutes and you better get to it quick since the survey ends July 14. Dead Island 2 will be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC to purchase your collectors edition on, so get to it.


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