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Watch_Dogs PS4 Gameplay Videos and GIFs Leaked; Day/Night, Driving and More

Watch_Dogs Ubisoft

Watch_Dogs Gameplay videos and GIFs have been leaked onto the Internet weeks before release.

One lucky individual has his tech savvy hands on Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs for the Playstation 4 and has shared some videos online.   Watch_Dogs Video One

In the video we see some running around the world including an ‘augmented reality’ mini game. The GIFs show driving around with different vehicles: Boat, Motorcycle and Car, along with ranged and melee combat. This Watch_Dogs video is available for download here. Much of the gameplay footage was found when the owner decided to stream it over Twitch to a friend. In a Watch Dogs Forum the source of the stream posted a comment with his impressions.  

Hey guys, it’s me. Didn’t think this will blow out that big. I streamed only to my friend because he was really interested in game, I have Limited Edition pre-ordered myself for PS4. Some random guy found stream with 1 viewer on twitch (if you know how twitch works – that’s insane) and then posted link on reddit, so more people = got Twitch stuff attention and got banned. I don’t intend to stream it anymore.

The game itself apparently runs quite smoothly, quite like Assassins Creed 4 on PS4 with the frame rate locked to 30FPS. The GIFS show off some of the power of this generation of system with the use of weather and lightning. Watch Dogs will also support online play with modes similar to Dark Souls and others similar to GTA 5.

Couldn’t show you much more, especially online, but when you think about WD online, closest thing will be Dark/Demon Souls, understand this as you will + few other online modes that remind me of GTA5/GTA4.

A second Watch_Dogs gameplay video has become available, though it is someone filming their Xbox that is streaming Twitch. The quality isn’t the best but it does give an idea on some of the open world driving.   Watch_Dogs Video 2

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is set to release 27th of May 2014 across PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The Game is currently available for Pre-Order from Amazon and Uplay.

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Daniel Ryan
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