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PAX East 2014: Project Cyber Gets The Community Involved

PAX EAST 2014 project cyber

The best way I can describe Project Cyber is a mash-up many great things, even certain game genres I’m not usually particular towards. The game plays almost like a futuristic football tournament.

Players are tasked with taking up the roles of three different playable positions using special physic influenced abilities to get the ball in the goal. The three positions you can take up are the Vengeful Star, the Vexwrecker, and the Negotiator. The Vexwrecker takes the offensive end of things firing special projectiles to hit the ball and propel it forward across the playing field. The Vengeful Star is plays as more of a support role. She is able to use a projectile that switches places with the ball and itself, bringing the ball closer to the player. Finally, the negotiator takes the role of the goalie. He uses a simple energy wall to block the ball from going into the goal. He can even place random shields in the arena to block the ball.

I ended up taking the role of the Vexwrecker. We started off with the ball in the center. We kick the ball of and the round starts. My teammates and I get a good hold of the ball and push it forward. All players have a “push” ability to move the ball forward, but we also need to keep an eye out for our energy levels which is depleted when we use any of our abilities.

SHG_Character_Sketch_05 PAX EAST 2014 project cyber

We get the first two goals and are able to maintain a decent defense on our side of the field. The other team is able to score two goals tying the match up. With sole excellent coordination our team is able to get in one last goal before the match comes to an end.

Project Cyber has been in the works for some time now and has been developed heavily with the help of the game’s community. When the game was only three weeks old Spearhead games already allowed people to begin play-testing the game. Through the use of Twitch, the team has been holding live games every night at 7 p.m. EST. During the games players are able to talk to the designers and programmers over at Spearhead to give them feedback like offering complaints, improvements or compliments on what to they did right.

These Steam keys are still available. Simply head over to Spearhead Games site to get your free key for Project Cyber and help the team put together what already looks to be a great game.

Stiv spent his time pounding the pavement at PAX East 2014. Be sure to follow him on Twitter.




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