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Xbox One Minecraft to Receive Saves from 360, Release May Be Soon.

Microsoft Minecraft Boasts New Feature Over Sony For Now. Next-Gen Version of the Popular Sandbox Title May Be Closer Than We All Think.

Since its release on the PC, Mojang’s baby has taken gamers of all sorts by storm. Young and old, hardcore or casual. Minecraft is the type of game that you will try just to test and end up addicted. 4J Studios’ port of Minecraft to the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2012 and 2013, respectively, had equally dominating sales performances. The sandbox title is also set to continue its streak of good fortune on the next-gen consoles.

Minecraft world

Bigger Worlds, Bigger Multiplayer

Details about the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the popular game have been difficult to come by. The trailer released back at announcement boasted two major updates: “bigger worlds” and “bigger multiplayer.” Minecraft wiki’s Xbox One page mentions the addition of multiplayer servers. Ultimately, at this point there is not much to expect from the next generation of Minecraft on console.

As for what sort of in-game content to expect from the next-gen versions, 4J have stated that PS4 will launch with at least the equivalent of Title Update 13. It is safe to assume that the Xbox One and PS Vita versions are in the same boat. This was announced back in September so hopefully Title Updates 14 and 15 can be applied before release.

Playstation Users Might Be Waiting Until September. 

So far, everyone is being cagey about release dates. Microsoft have said that progress on the Xbox One version is not far from being released but the specific date is 4J’s prerogative. PS4 and PS Vita versions have been tentatively slated for a second or third quarter release but it seems Microsoft’s version might beat Sony’s out the gates once again.

What has been confirmed, however, is a number of other features. Predominant among these is that the Xbox One version will be able to transfer save files over from the Xbox 360. No details yet on how this will work but do not stop building now, fearing your prize castle, town, or farm will be lost on the move to a new console. Microsoft have noted that this is the result of cooperation between themselves and Mojang so it may be an Xbox-exclusive feature. Although Mojang have also said that they intend to enable this feature for PS3/4 owners as well.

Minecraft Candy Texture

Work has also been confirmed on Update 1.06 for current-gen consoles. Again, very few concrete details have been put forward regarding what players can expect from this patch. The only confirmed details are the enabling of Candy and Nature Texture Packs for the Playstation 3. Some rumours have suggested that witches may be coming to a swap near you.

Things may be plodding along for Mojang and 4J Studios for now but it may not be long before the Minecraft craze explodes onto next-gen consoles (and even the big screen)!




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