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PAX East 2014: Defense Grid 2 Playable On Xbox One

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Tower defense games have solidified their place in the now vast array of video game genres. One of last years most successful tower defense games, Defense Grid: The Awakening, will be having its successor, Defense Grid 2, available to play on Xbox One for the first time after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

From Hidden Path Entertainment Defense Grid 2 will feature similar gameplay from the original, but, of course there will be plenty of new features. Players are tasked with protecting human colonies on different planets from evil alien invaders. You know the usual sci-fi stuff and now it will feature better lighting and new textures from the original. You can redirect aliens along their path to get them in range of your different types of towers.

Player upgrades and power-ups will also allow players to customize their defenses. And completely new to the Defense Grid 2 experience, players can finally participate in multiplayer. Now you can build towers and take out alien invaders with a friend or you can sabotage each others defenses in the games competitive mode.

There will also be a PC version available to play at PAX East and PC players will be able to create their own battlescapes for others to play through.

Defense Grid 2 is sounding pretty epic and with a new engine, maps, campaign and finally being able to partake in some multiplayer. Players can expect to get a hold of the game on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and Linux.


Defense Grid 2 Fact sheet



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