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GTA Online Valentine’s Day Massacre – Update

Rockstar has announced GTA Online will be getting a Valentine’s Day update this Friday.

GTA Online Valentine's day

Called the Valentine’s Day Massacre, the free update will add new items and content to both the multiplayer and story modes.

Everything in the Valentine’s Day Massacre update is available for a limited time starting this Friday. If you put your significant other on hold long enough to get these items in your inventory, they’ll stay for good (The items that is, you’ve probably lost the significant other).

Look Sharp For GTA Online Valentine’s Day

What every wise-guy and wise-girl needs is a trench broom, the Gusenberg Sweeper will be making its debut. This Tommy Gun will be available from Ammu-Nation stores for Online players or directly placed in characters’ inventories in story mode.

An armoured 1920s limo called the Albany Roosevelt will also be making its way to the streets of Los Santos. The Roosevelt will be accessible from any garage property in Story Mode and is available in GTA Online from the in-game website.

To look the part when you step out on the street a range of new double-breasted suits, flapper dresses, sexy underwear and masquerade masks will be available.

Those Flowers And Chocolates Cost Money

10 new jobs will also be added to the game including: Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump and Races.  If you manage to acquire them, you’ll be able to keep them for good after the Valentine’s Day festivities have ended.

Rockstar has promised news on future patches, including the one that adds online heists, will be coming soon in the form of a Dangerous Business Pack. Further updates include an expansion to the Creator tool in the future but no announcement on the horizon related to a GTA V PC edition just yet.

Will you be spending Valentine’s Day in Los Santos this year? Haven’t got a girlfriend/boyfriend for Valentine’s day? It’s not too late, Non-Fiction has got you covered on Meeting, Cooking For and Keeping the Peace with a partner when all your skills are controller related.



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