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[Interview] Getting Random With The Charalanahzard!

Dry for an article and out of boredom I began to ask myself random questions, while spinning on my computer chair trying to shoot my miniature Darth Vader figurine with my Nerf gun (I missed). With each pull of the trigger and miss, an idea slowly came to mind, “GET MASSIVE  NURF GUN AND SMOKE THIS FOOL”.Nah, I’m just kidding that’s not what came to my mind. What really knocked on my brain’s door was why not ask random questions to other video game industry related people?

Getting online I went through a list of people and sent them requests. It had been days since I got a response probably because the offer sounded ridiculous or maybe because I didn’t meet their criteria of wowing them enough to do a random questionnaire, I don’t know?

While putting up more figurines to repeat my daily routine of being bored and missing my targets, my computer let out the delightful you got mail mother and you know how it ends! She had answered the call.

Her awesome purple hair, mad Cosplay creating skills and incredible mind blowing artistic talents are just some of the traits that describe how amazing Alanah Pearce is.

By Alanah Pearce

Best known for her numerous online, hosting, print and podcast presence some including Xbox Australia, Kotaku AU, Hyper Magazine, Zed Games (102.1FM) and her personal site It’s no surprise the Charalanahzard (Alanah) is a rising female icon for video game journalist and the video game industry. Not to mention she does have a ridiculously huge following on her social media accounts. It must be the purple hair? I got to get me some purple hair.

Xbox Aus Alanah Pearce

Seeing her answer truly gave me a sigh of relief as well as confidence that I could hit this damn Darth Vadar toy. I sadly missed again.

“Ask Away,” Alanah insisted, giving me some comfort to veer away from the thoughts of my poor efforts to shoot that bloody thing.


If you had super powers and had the choice to save either a Four n Twenty Meat Pie or a Big Mac from being dropped from a 100 foot building, which would you save and why?

Charalanahzard: I’d probably save the pie. Not so I could eat it (not my type of food), but because that would totally mess someone up more than a Big Mac if it fell on someone. You’ve got to think about the poor people below.

Do you yawn in your sleep?

I don’t know – I’d be asleep! But I assume not.

Which drink slot is better to use while watching a movie at the cinema, left or right?

I have no idea.

Can you daydream at night?

Hm, yes. I’m fairly sure the term was coined because you’re ‘dreaming of a day’ – not because it’s day time.

If the world was going to end tomorrow because some moron took the last jalapeno that God reserved at Subway, what would you do today?

I’d probably spend my last day on earth drawing something beautiful. Drawing really relaxes me. Maybe my mum, or my dog who passed away last year. Two things I love a lot.

If you found half a toe nail that belonged Ryan Gosling, what would you do with it?

Leave it wherever I found it because that’s nasty, what’s he doing leaving toenails everywhere!?

If you found out Darth Vader wasn’t your father but Yoda was, how would you react? And would you go to the dark side since Luke went light side and refused his father’s offer?  Why?

I’d probably be pretty proud if Yoda was my father. I’d also probably stick to whatever alignment I already am because I can’t be bothered changing my morals just for others.

Out of all the famous people in the world, whose arm pits would you shave?

Amanda Palmer.

Would you consider yourself fully hectic now that you’ve shaved a famous person’s armpit? Does it make you want to go do some fully sick burn outs in your car?


If you had an Anywhere Travel Machine (A machine that allows you to transport anywhere whether into a  favorite game, book, anime, country, time period )but it broke because of malfunction and you had no way of returning home, Where would you want to be trapped? Why?

I wouldn’t mind being trapped in the Library of Alexandria, assuming it existed. Being able to learn and read things for the rest of my days doesn’t sound too rough.

Which is more healthier diet water or water? Why do you think your answer is more healthier?

Water – anything with the title ‘diet’ in it is usually awfully bad for you.

Can you Gangnam style?

I think so.

If a Pidgeon asked you for a cigarette right now, what would you do?

Tell the kind pigeon that I don’t smoke and send him on his way.

Why did the chicken catch a bus across the road?


Is it true that on a full moon you can transform into a Teletubby?


Which level Super Saiyan would you see yourself at when you get angry?

I actually don’t particularly get angry. It’s a genuine problem. I wrote a blog post about it. I need to learn to get angry, need some of that Saiyan blood.

Which person in history would you want to be your Assassins Creed ancestor?

Caesar – I’d love to use the animus to experience his rise and fall.

 If you could Dragon Ball fusion with any character whether from anime, video games, comics or anything or person in the world, who would it be and why?  

Jynx from Pokemon solely because I assume the fusion would look hilarious



If you have an industry person you would love for me to interview, let me know in the comments below. Be sure to include any questions in particular they I should ask.




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